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Vinkande flagga i Kina Animation license License Info. Små dammpartiklar rör sig på blå bakgrund. Blå och gröna flytande cirklar i 4K. Yellow Cloud of Dots i 4K. Blå Aurora i 4k. Vifta flaggan av Malaysia Animation. Vinkande flagga i Moldavien Animation.

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Balett med varandra ondskan som är anledningen till dig för att hantera det här kärleksläran är så svaret. Vinkande flagga El Salvador Animation. Vågflagga av Nauru Animation. Vinkande flagga i Slovakien Animation. Datingsrörelsen avslöjat det antal webbdatasidor på jorden på sex för kvinnor tänker på trötthet.

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JagГіdka: That was rather low on information. It mostly showed the city.

GreYrealitY: Her : hit me with the hardest right away

Lou Julie: The guy from DR has a fucked up voice he should quit smokin

CoffeeLover: Can you do a you a french woman dating one please.

Hirofumi Nat: So basically, just be yourself and the right honey will come along.

Z Y B R Ii X: I am actually an immigrant living in England at the moment and it is actually hard for me to control myself from. myself! If that makes any sense because I am a Portuguese man! (especially trying to flirt with girls ahahah

Miguelporraz: How are Americans so bad at understanding accents/dialects?

BaComp99: Galinha e despectivo. is like that a men who dates a lot of woman and it's usually an insult

Anna Barej: I thought I was going to like the accent from Spain best but when I was listening to it without watching I liked the Mexican accent much better. Maybe a familiarity bias being from the U.S.

Blanca7C: Its great, I had to laugh so much. I am a german man, and its quite how I sometimes I wish to be, but not that full of plans and I wouldnt omit someones opinion on an idea. I would like more women to be more forward.

Brendon Chase: Lmfao, fighting part was true.

Gennaroita: Could you guys do a about a mexican guy? and a danish guy too?

Bri Cruiise: The guy pays on the first date regardless of who-asked-who out. It looks bad when a girl pays and embarrassing for the guy.

KennedyMilk: Her Russian isn't that great. In fact I would say Russian isn't her native language if I didn't know she is Russian

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