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Turtles: Well that guy spoke estonian with a massive accent.

New Mel: When it comes to dating, i guess i prefer it the old fashion way. woman is shy and acting as hard to get, the man trying his best to get her heart. Definetly names and dates and a lot of talk before sex! there will be a lot of sex in the future so why rushing? I think no Iceland for me xD. Nice video!

Akatharia: I dunno why it is that the people (men AND women in countries with Catholic colonial roots are so culturally encouraged to be combative and emotional in social situations. Think about it: all the hysterical, screaming, fight-picking and macho, arrogant, lothario, pugilist reputations all seem to happen in parts of the world that used to be Italian or Spanish or Portuguese colonies. What exactly is it about that lineage that normalizes immaturity, manipulative, and confrontational attitudes?

ScytheReaper: You say eastern AND central european but you only have one country representing central europe? and its actually eastern¢ral&balkan

Taigaflurry: And the Irish accent is gold, as always

Kika Soran: That's bullshit not french.

Manoj Y: Girlfriend that acts like a mother, hhh, no thanks, allergic to it! :P

Muzictalks: I hate how we are so touchy as a nation and how we always want to cause drama and gossip with our friends. Even though im greek, i kinda hate these things. I need my personal space and i dont want anyone to kiss me on the cheek or take me a hug if i dont know him enough.

Cuddle Bear: Yeaaa some lebanese!

Narat Gamer: Its in his aura , the way he looks at you his eyes.

Is it wrong to think i deserve the best??

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What options does a single guy in his late 20s/early 30s have?

It's all told a apt game,which I've performed at times with them as properly. I grasp the Maverick Bread Makers Scam took lots of public repayment for a experience.

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